Our Products

We currently provide custom designing, engineering and manufacturing of Cosmetic, Medical, Dental, Automotive brushes, Containers and Closures for the worldwide market. We are currently an active FDA Registered Facility and are actively pursuing our ISO 13485 certification.

Our products include:

Oral Swabs

NAGL manufactures Oral Swabs (adult and pediatric sizes) packaged in various package configurations.


Brushes and closures currently produced at NAGL. We produce high-quality brushes of various shapes, functions and sizes to fit most packages. Our tooling, machinery and R&D allows us to offer a wide variety of brush specifications and customization options.


Nagl offers many different packaging options to efficiently and compactly store and contain your products.


Nagl has many different stock cap styles and can custom color, design and build a cap for you.

Specialty Products

NAGL designs and manufactures a variety of specialty brushes, bottles and applicators for variety of international clients.

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