Corporate Information

While certain products and services may be available at several locations, each company has its own specialties.

Team Technologies, Inc.

Team Technologies, Inc. boasts an extensive lineup of manufacturing processes and products to service the dental, medical, cosmetic, and industrial market segments. With an entrepreneurial mindset and over 100 years of experience in the ownership group, Team Technologies has experienced tremendous growth over the last 20 years. Our main plant, located in Morristown, TN, manufacturers toothbrushes, disposable prophy angles, cytology brushes, twisted wire brushes, filling & tubing and other dental/hygiene items. All items can be packaged in a basic format, or customized blister packaging. Team Technologies is the largest North American manufacturer of toothbrushes. In addition to Nagl Manufacturing, Co., the Subsidiaries of Team Technologies, Inc. include:

Team Molding

Team Molding in Batavia, IL, uses injection molding technology to mold dental, medical, cosmetic and industrial related products. Team Molding can do custom mold design and has the ability to do both single and double shot molding.

DentaCare Industries

DentaCare Industries in Andover, MA, markets oral care products to the retail trade. Items include toothbrushes, denture brushes, denture adhesives, toothpaste, covers, interdental brushes, floss and flossers.


Allpro in Broomfield, CO, manufactures prophy cups, screw cups, latch cups and prophy brushes and markets prophy paste, protect-a-lens, disposable prophy angles, allwipes and interdental brushes.

Anchor Brush Company

Anchor Brush Company is also located in Morristown, TN. They create surgeons’ brushes, toothbrushes, infant dental care products, hospital personal care products and cytology brushes.


PHB in Osseo, WI, markets dental & medical products including Ultra Suave toothbrushes, blotting brushes, dental applicators, implant floss cleaners and toothbrush covers.

Prophy Perfect

Prophy Perfect in Osseo, WI, markets various oral products, specializing in prophy angles, pediatric oral care and orthodontics.

Team PDS

Team PDS in Osseo, WI, also markets various oral care products, focusing on child and pet oral care, as well as retail and distribution trade.

Diatech, Inc

Diatech, Inc. in Mount Pleasant, SC, markets to dental offices throughout the U.S. They offer a wide array of diamond burs and carbides used for corrective dentistry. They also offer an array of oral care product, including toothbrushes and prophy angles.

Team International sells into foreign markets. They currently focus on toothpaste and various dental cleaning products.